GOLD AMETHYST FILIGREE RING, gold filigree ring, vintage filigree ring


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GOLD AMETHYST FILIGREE RING, gold filigree ring, vintage filigree ring:

Subtle, daring, this 18k yellow gold ring is a celebration of an amethyst gemstone and inspired by the movement of the spiral.

Hypnotic and infinite, the spiral patterns are here associated with the luminous intensity of these enchanting purple quartz.

A precious stone whose legendary virtues adorn the oldest mythologies.

Symbols of luck and abundance for some, a stone of wisdom and humility for others, the amethyst is a gem of balance and creation.

We care to offer you a unique experience by paying special attention to the preparation of your jewellery. Every detail has been worked with care.

Presented in an elegant setting, this ring includes a certificate of authenticity, a refined box in leather, a suede pouch and a cleaning cloth in 100% cotton, all perfectly protected to reach you.

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Metal: 18k Rose gold, 18k White gold, 18k Yellow Gold

Stones: Amethyst

Width: 5mm

Thickness: 1.5mm

Guarantee: 2 years

All products from Fearless Jewellery are exclusively made of platinum, solid gold and rhodium plated sterling silver with precious, semi-precious stones and/or enamel. All fearless jewellery are guaranteed with a tangible certificate of authenticity for all pieces fabricated with precious stones, or a unique digital certificate of authenticity for all pieces fabricated with semi-precious stones, and/or in precious metal with no stones. All jewellery items have a certified guarantee against manufacturing defects for a duration of 2 years therefore, we advise you to keep your certificate safe. In case of manufacturing defect, if you choose to keep your jewellery after the retracting period, our technical department will verify the defect in question and once approved, the jewellery will be repaired or replaced without any charges from Fearless Jewellery. Our guarantee does not cover: Defects from the result of any accidental circumstances, improper or abusive usage (shock, crushing, etc), loss of any part, the tear and wear from usage, and normal jewellery ageing.